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2 FOR 1

Two for One Offer information

A really great offer, guaranteed to make your visit even more enjoyable. 

The offer gives you 8 great benefits!


  1. Bring a guest. Most people like to bring a friend with them when they try a new experience. With standard gift vouchers, this means paying for 2 vouchers or spectator places. The Motor Safari 2 for 1 offer is designed to allow two guests (e.g. husband & wife, father & daughter, 2 friends etc) to enjoy a joint 4x4 Driving Experience together for the purchase price of a single place. 

  2. 2 presents for the price of 1. Just request 2 separate vouchers when you book – it’s free.  Get 2 present vouchers for the price of one and 2 partners or friends get to come out together.

  3. No need to share. Our 2 for 1 Offer gives the recipient (and their 2 for 1 guest), exclusive use of a 4x4 for their session time. The vehicle is not shared with any third parties or strangers.  

  4. Tailored to you. Because the 4x4 is booked just for you, your expert 4x4 Instructor can tailor your session to your exact requirements. The session moves at the pace that suits you. If you want to take video, or try the more extreme parts of the off-road course, your instructor can adapt the session to your requirements, the 4x4 is “all yours.”

  5. Extra Guests. When you or your guest selects their date, they can invite more family or friends if they wish by adding extra guest spectators and passengers for just £10 per person. 

  6. More Choice of Dates. You have the benefit of the widest choice of dates and times, as there is no need to fit in around other guest bookings. 

  7. Saturday bookings. Many offers exclude weekends, the 2 for 1 can be used to book throughout the week.

  8. Flexible Driving Time. Driving time can be split equally between drivers, or in any ratio they wish, including one person simply spectating as a passenger if they wish. 


The 2 for 1 offer works similarly to cinema 2 for 1 offers i.e. two people going together. It does NOT mean two separate return visits, double the time, use of two separate vehicles, one person goes twice etc.


General Terms & Conditions. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. A maximum of 6 vouchers may be purchased. The 2 for 1 offer must be requested when purchasing. Guest driver vouchers can be issued blank, but cannot be applied for retrospectively.

The 2 for 1 offer includes one driver and one guest driver or passenger. With postal packs, the “lead” voucher is issued as a full Gift Pack. The guests voucher is issued as a Gift Voucher only.

Gift Vouchers are sent in a “e” version by email, to allow you to print off presentation copies.

Upgrades, such as more driving time, can be added by the recipient on request. 

For full booking Terms and Conditions please visit our website. 

CONTACT US:       01978 447199      INFO@MOTORSAFARI.CO.UK




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